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What Coaches Together is all about …

My goal is to build the best life and executive coaching professional network on the internet!

I've been a Board Certified Coach for several years now, and have had a limited life and career coaching practice for about nine years. When I take a class, I'm happy for the opportunity to share with other coaches … but I haven't been able to find a good online "water cooler" where I can ask questions and share with other coaches. There are LinkedIn and other groups out there that are pretty good, but they don't provide everything I want and many of them are loaded with advertising so it becomes a chore sorting through the spam to find the information I need.

Sure, there are directories where I can hang out my shingle, and most life and executive coach training schools have bulletin boards for their students and graduates. But what I really wanted was a spam-free online community that wasn't tied to a particular school, and that focused on the needs and questions of those who are certified, are pursuing certification, or are interested in certification. None of the options out there seemed adequate to me because they were all partial answers to what I was looking for in a coaching community!

And that's when the Coaches Together! experiment was born. I'm designing it as a social community that would fill my needs as a coach, figuring that if the content was useful to me, it would probably be useful to other coaches, too. A successful community requires people to contribute to it, and that's where you come in ... if you sign up for the site before April 1st, 2016,  your lifetime membership will be free. After that, there will be a reasonable monthly or yearly fee for new members ... but as a Charter Member, you'll have free access ... forever!

If you are a life or executive coach interested in joining our community, or someone interested in coaching who would like to interact with coaches and other interested parties in the forums, click here to request a login.  I'll review your request and get back to you within two business days.

You can visit the Coaches Together! fan page on Facebook and Like it by clicking this link.

About Me

120 IngoglyI'm a Board Certified Coach (BCC), and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois. Before I got involved in counseling and coaching, I spent a few decades as a software professional ... yeah, I know, that's not a very common background. So in addition to my coaching practice, I have a web design practice focusing on counselors, coaches, and entrepreneurs. My plan is to grow my coaching and web design practices over the next few years, and semi-retire from my 9 to 5 job in IT to sunny South Carolina. -- Vasily Ingogly, LCPC, BCC

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  1. Allison Johnsen

    Hi Vasily-
    Great idea, and good to hear from you. Our ‘retirement plans’ sound similar. I am currently doing executive coaching internally within a healthcare system. The ICF has a community of practice group for internal coaches, but none of the coaching schools has any training for this. It is definitely a different animal to work from within the corporation instead of being an externally hired coach. P.S. Allison Parks Johnsen

    1. Profile photo of Vasily Ingogly
      Vasily Ingogly Post author

      HI Allison –
      Good to hear from you, too! I posted a question on the ILCT forums to test the interest there in a site like this, but received no answer. So I decided to jump in feet-first and do it anyway. I’m finding I’m more of an entrepreneur than I thought. 🙂

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